Chris Bashforth
Yachtmaster Offshore with commercial endoresment
RYA Cruising Instructor

Chris has been organising sailing, mountaineering, biking and diving trips as long as he can remember and is still in love with the great outdoors.  He now prefers the luxury of a yacht to take him to remote places to enjoy the peace and tranquility amongst the wild things.

As a commercial skipper and RYA instructor, Chris has 20 years of experience and a peculiar fondness for Scotland in all her moods.

Trips are taylored to suit the conditions and the people and while no promises can be made we do assure 'full value' in that we shall make the most of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Chris organises adventure trips that often include walking, climbing, photography, wildlife, uninhabited islands, remote coves and good food.  Please get in touch to see what's coming up - there's always something in the planning