Going Wild


Meet the locals!  Even in the UK, there are places where humans so rarely visit that the locals aren't worried and can be quite curious.  With a little patience, close encounters are possible - seals, birds, basking sharks, otters, dolphins and sometimes whales.


Many remote and beautiful locations around the UK are accessible by yacht.  Spend time amongst the wild things at the pace of nature.


Sometimes the UK weather can be part of the challenge and our yachts are built to enjoy it.  This is in the Sea of Hebrides in F6 conditions - and loving it!


Explore - spend time ashore doing your thing be that walking, climbing, photography or just chilling.  A yacht makes a great base for adventures ashore knowing there is something chilled at the end of the day.


learn to sail and mess about on the water with other enthusiasts in lovely surroundings of Angelsey and Scotland.


We like to visit remote anchorages and uninhabited islands that are hard to get to without a boat.